Raft building. We did get wet!

Problem solving. Passing through the spider’s web.

Sunday…..group 3.

Today at Liddington part 6

After we dried out there was some fun to be had hanging around high up in the tree tops. Of course what went up had to come down. We will post some zip… Continue reading

Today at Liddington part 5

After getting a bit damp in the lake, it was time for a rodeo! We used the oil drums as horses. Molly was the best at staying on the longest.

Today at Liddington part 4

We had to have se fun splashing!

Today at Liddington part 3

After building, it was time to test out the rafts. Amazingly they all floated, even the caterpillar style one built by Mrs Foster’s group. Mr Smith even had his own mini raft –… Continue reading

Today at Liddington part 2

Building the rafts was great fun, we learned how to tie a new knot, the figure of eight. Our instructor Merry was really helpful.

Today at Liddington

Group one has had a wonderful day. Starting in the lake, with raft building and ending with a camp fire. Here are some photos of the team planning the raft.


We weren’t supposed to get wet on the water . . . but sitting behind certain people was bad planning! At least we didn’t end up swimming like some groups.