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Who will win the Book week house team quiz?

The children are currently answering the questions for round 1: Nursery rhymes. The whole school has been split eight ways, teams of A and B for Buscot, Grafton, Radcot and Rushey. Quiz master… Continue reading

Noah and Carl’s pic collage

Today in maths we went on pic collage on the I pads to estimate whether things were more or less than 1kg.

Ellie and Havana

In class 4 we did a Pic collage.

Matthew and Caras pic collage

Things that way 1kg or less than1kg or more .A pencil ways 0.4g.

Benn and Charlize Pic collage

Today we learnt which weights were more than 1kg, less than 1kg and is the same than1kg.

Alex and Evelyn pic collage

In class 4 maths today we were weighing different kinds of things.

Newsletter 5

House badges/shields winners

Mrs Hunter (one of our school governors) popped in today to help our house captains select the winning entries from the ‘Design a house badge or shield’ competition. A high standard of entry… Continue reading

Newsletter 11 October 2013

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