Designing our banknotes

Topic work – designing a banknote with the image of a famous Briton

The children have enjoyed playing in our hospital

Look at my calculations

I did some fabulous work with my mathematics calculations today. 

Friday certificates 

Well done everyone!

Morning work

Writing using modal verbs.   

Sequences and the nth term


Book award books

Year 5 and6 had a sneaky read of the picture book category nominations. (They really enjoyed the elephant illustrations!)   

Guitar assembly

‘Lets play music’ came into assembly to play to the school and give out information about guitar lessons. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and was there was lots of singing along!   

My Best Friends

This blog is about my best friends. This isn’t in any order. Chloe Chloe is very nice and kind, and likes to know what people are talking about. She has two dogs and… Continue reading

Maxi and Matthew

This is the umbrellas. They have colourful flowers. 10 black umbrellas. A yellow bascket.