Christmas cards and how they link to the Christmas story

Storytelling performance 

Well done West Class!

Bee-Bot experimenting. 

In Linton this afternoon we have been programming. Instead of programming Bee-Bots we’ve been programming each other! The children had to pick a point in the playground and write instruction for our partners. 

Bee-Bot exploring 

In computing today we looked at using the Bee-bots. We soon realised that we need to use our computing, maths and English skills to help us! 


Making predictions and testing the solubility of materials.

Friday Certificates

Congratulations on all your reading at home!

The Black Prince

A collection of our literacy work on the story of the Black Prince.

Our trip to hillEnd

P1.                                                                when… Continue reading

Our Residenlial to Hill End

On Monday 27th June Mill and Tarny went on a residential to Hill End. On Monday afternoon we went pond dipping. This is where we had nets and could catch creatures, put them… Continue reading

Our visit to Hill End

We went on Monday 27th of June with year three and four on a residential to Hill End near Oxford  half an hour from Clanfield. Our first activity was the assault course and… Continue reading