House Competitions



The rewards system operates under the school’s House system. There are four school Houses:

Yellow       =      Saturn

Red           =      Mars

Blue          =      Earth

Green       =      Neptune

Children are allocated to a House as from 1/9/012 and then upon entry into the school.

Stars can be awarded to children for any of the following reasons:


1. High standard of work.

2. Sustained effort.

3. Consistent improvement.

4. General helpfulness.

5. Consistent good behaviour.

6. Any other reason.


Star certificates are held centrally in the school office.

Staff / children complete certificate and record stars in pupil’s Record of Achievement.


Record of child’s achievements should be clearly displayed in the classroom on the class achievement board.

Children take their Record of Achievement sheet to Headteacher to be awarded Headteacher’s Certificate for every 25 stars.


Refer to Headteacher’s Star Certificate information for further details.



These are awarded by teaching staff and teaching assistants for classes, groups or individual children in classes who perform well.

These are awarded in assembly and displayed on the class achievements board and are not added to an individual’s Record of Achievement.