HOW we are learning is as important as WHAT we are learning and we want that learning to be engaging, enjoyable and meaningful!

EVERYONE at Clanfield Primary School, children, adults and our school community is a learner. The atmosphere which fosters the most effective learning is a relaxed and happy one where we are absorbed in tasks which are relevant to our needs.

We will begin from WHERE the CHILDREN are in their understanding and design activities based on THE CHILD’S POINT OF VIEW (How do they view the world? What is important to them?) The children are encouraged to take on responsibility for their own learning.

​All the usual subject matter is taught in a variety of ways.

 Our school seeks to provide a broad and balanced curriculum with relevance to our children and to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum. Some subjects are taught separately. We use a cross-curricular topic based approach where this is appropriate. The children are taught in small groups, as a whole class or individually, depending upon the nature of the task and the needs of the children.