Our visit to Hill End

We went on Monday 27th of June with year three and four on a residential to Hill End near Oxford  half an hour from Clanfield.

Our first activity was the assault course and my faviroute bit was the blind fold challenge. Were there was one person who could see and five people couldn’t. After that we played bull dog and had a camp fire. We sang Summer of 69,Living on a prey,I want it all,Drunken  sailer and an There was an old woman.

We did den building which was so much fun. We built a huge den with a roof so the rain would stay out and walls so the wind wouldn’t come in. I worked with Henry ,William ,Chris ,Max ,Tom ,Mat ,Louis and Isaac. We made leaves for the roof,it was awesome. When we heared we had five minutes left everyone rushed and got leaves and sticks. Max Henry Chris and Louis went on the roof and everyone else got leaves. It turned out BRILLIANTLY.We found logs for the walls roof and hatches.

My score out of ten was 9 and a half because there were hard beds  and there were red ants.

By Alex